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Prep Instructions

  1. Complete all other beauty services at least a day or two before your spray tan appointment (pedicures, manicures, waxing/laser hair removal, massages, etc.) If booking for vacation or special event try to book 1-2 days before your event.

  2. 24 hours prior to your tanning session you should Shower, EXFOLIATE, and moisturize your skin (A gentle exfoliation is all that's required, be careful not to rub too hard) remove any unwanted hair with a clean razor 12 hours before you appointment. 48 hours prior if you are waxing. DO NOT use any Dove products 

  3.  Do not shower right before your spray tan, this can affect the ph levels and your tan and may not develop as it should.

  4. Arrive to your appointment free of any deodorant, perfume, moisturizers, oils, and makeup as these products will act as a barrier between your tan and your skin.

  5. Please wear your hair off your neck and bring dark, loose clothing and if possible, loose shoes such as slippers or sandals to wear after your appointment. No jeans, leggings, yoga pants, bras, etc.

  6. Bring a towel to cover leather or light-colored seats. They can stain with some solutions that I use, but it is very rare.  If it is raining/snowing, bring an umbrella and protective shoes so it will not affect the bronzer on your body.

  7. You will not be able to swim, sweat, bathe or exercise for at least 8 hours (2-4 hours if booking the rapid spray tan)– so please plan accordingly.

  8. You may tan however you feel most comfortable. Disposable undergarments are available upon request.

After Care

  1. Wear dark, loose clothing for 8 hours while tan is still developing, or 2-4 hours if you get the rapid tan. 

  2. Avoid applying any moisture until your first shower. This means no sweating, getting wet, or applying lotions or liquid makeup on the skin. If you have pets, do not let them lick you!

  3. For the regular Full-Body Airbrush Tan, you can shower after 8 hours. If you got a Rapid Airbrush Tan, shower in 2-4 hours depending on your desired darkness level, I will give you recommendation at your appointment based on your skin type. When showering, only use your hands (no loofahs or exfoliants) and preferably a sulfate-free body wash or all-natural soap for washing. I do sell a tan protect body wash, if needed. Soaping only "the essentials" will help your tan last longer. Cooler water causes less exfoliation also. Pat dry with a towel, don't rub!

  4. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by using natural products. No mineral oil, alpha hydroxy acids, petroleum, alcohol, anti-aging or exfoliating ingredients as they will strip your skin and fade your tan faster. To protect your spray tanning investment, we offer high-quality, naturally-based and paraben-free moisturizers and tan extenders in both travel and full sizes.

  5. Use a lotion-based sunscreen, not aerosol sprays as they contain alcohol. Spray tanning does not in any way protect your skin from UV rays.

  6.  When swimming, limit your time in the water to 10-15 minute increments, if possible. Pat or air dry after then apply your moisturizer. Water is a natural exfoliant. Soaking for long periods of time can fade your tan.

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